Cash drawers form an essential part of the POS process. They are frequently used for keeping coins, currency notes, credit cards as well as papers.

They truly are available as different 'standalone' components or attached with cash registers. The standalone components can be managed with a lock and key after getting attached with the 'receipt printer'.

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There are several types of cash drawers and hence you want to think about some factors before purchasing one like affordability, counter space, compatibility.

Affordability: Prior to purchasing the right cash drawer you need to think about the cost.

The buying price depends on some factors such as security conditions, design quality, functionality and aesthetics.

You also need to think about that the 'number of drawers' on this machine. According to your business requirements, you buy the drawer.

Counter Space: Space is just another vital element to take into consideration while buying cash drawers. You have to determine where you place the drawer above or below the counter.

You have to appraise the counter space required for installing the drawers together with ejection distance.