Getting raw materials to getting the final product in the hands of the consumer is what is defined as the process of supply chain management. This process is important for companies that offer a particular finished product made for consumers. In order to become a supply chain manager, these are the things you need to be good at.

  • Planning – When a product has demand, the individual needs to have a plan. The individual needs to know what to do if the product has high demand in order to avoid shortage of the product when required. Additionally, the supply chain expert needs to also know how much product needs to be stocked when the demand is not that high. Over-stocking of product is only going to cause problems later on.
  • Execution –The manufacturing of the product depends on the execution process. Right from getting the raw materials to manufacturing to quality assessment to dispatching the product to wholesalers and retailers is a part of the execution process. Even getting feedback from the consumers about the manufactured process is considered to be a part of execution process.
  • Assessing and Analyzing – The supply chain manager needs to make a plan in order to analyze problems in the supply chain procedure. Doing a review on such things will allow the manager to come up with a better solution process that will allow the supply chain to run efficiently the next time.

If you wish to learn other things such as procurement or contract management related to supply chain management, then you need to enroll yourself in a genuine institute that offer procurement and contract management training.