If you happen to travel to Jakarta in Indonesia and wish to explore popular sights and attractions, then you need to consider stopping by at some of the best coffee shops. Jakarta in Indonesia is known to offer some of the best coffees for caffeine addicts. These are some of the coffee shops in Jakarta, Indonesia that will make you fall in love with.

  1. Samakamu – Samakamu is a coffee shop in Jakarta that is known to serve iced coffee milk that has flavors of the coffee along with milky texture. Once the ice melts, the flavors of strong coffee and taste remains.
  2. Brew & Wood – Brew & Wood is a great coffee shop that offers some of the finest coffee and calm ambience. This place is known for having transparent glasses on the front making it visible for people standing out.
  3. Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers – This place is known to be flocked with those who are addicted to coffee. Once you enter inside this shop, you are bound to be surrounded with pink colored walls. One interesting fact about this shop is that, ordering a shot of expresso comes in pink colored cup.
  4. Twentufifth – Located in KebayoranBaru which is on the south side of Jakarta is the popular Twentyfifth café. This café has beautiful decorations from the inside packed with ceramic sugar containers, terracotta pots and wooden chairs.

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