Your gums are playing important teeth in holding your teeth. It is necessary to have healthy gums along with healthy teeth. They provide a layer to the teeth bones and protect teeth from bacteria.

Most of the people suffer from gum recession as they do not pay much attention to their gums. If you are one of them you can find the best treatment from a dentist in Manhasset. They have professionals to provide you the best treatment for gum recession.

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Gum recession is a very common problem faced by people. Some of you might not be aware that you are suffering from it. You need to be careful about it. If you notice that your gum line is receding consult a North Shore dentist. You should be attentive towards the health of your gums.

The procedure of Pin Hole gum Grafting: In this procedure, small holes are created in the upper part of the gums near the root of the teeth. Through this hole special equipment is inserted to push the gums towards the crown of the teeth.

After that collagen strips are inserted through the hole to hold the gums at their place and create the new tissue support. They help in the healing process. It allows creating the new gum tissues at the new location.

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Advantages over traditional gum grafting technique:

  1. In Pin Hole Gum Grafting, there are not any incision and suture as they are there in traditional grafting technique.
  2. In this multiple teeth can be treated in one sitting as there is not any involvement of incision in this procedure.
  3. This procedure is fast and its recovery is less painful as compared to traditional gum grafting.

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Pin Hole Gum Grafting is a great way to treat the receding gums at a faster rate. It is the best alternative to the traditional method of gum grafting. Read this article to know about the facts related to your gums. It is advised to take proper care of oral health. Do visit your dentist timely to maintain your oral health.