Once upon a time fashion is considered to be exclusively feminine. Men as far as fashion only cares about it in a utilitarian perspective – maybe saving for the previous nobility because clothing is an important part of their identity. But time has changed.

People are increasingly liberalized and men have become an integral part of the fashion world. More and more men are involved and especially about what they wear, especially their basic articles about clothes. Printed quotes t-shirts are very trendy these days. Men buy positive message t-shirts to stay positive and motivated.

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The example is the variation in dress size and how they fit the body. Before the only consideration for shirt size is whether the width and length are enough or right for people to move comfortably. But that has become a major consideration for men today. For example, there are times when the shirt must be right for the body.

But fashion alone, not just a reason for this different trend. Sometimes, it is also influenced by the preferences of the person who uses it. For example, rapper and those who like this genre tend to imitate the loose style of shirts worn by the rapper.

For those who like to go to the gym, fitting shirts are a hot thing for them because they can show their fans' bodies. Besides that, it can also be influenced by the profession of the model, artist, and actor that people like.