These days a growing number of travelers are choosing serviced apartments (also referred to as corporate housing) for their vacation stays over the more traditional hotel accommodation. And there are a number of reasons why. You can also look for deluxe apartments in Melbourne.

While hotels may offer more in the way of services, e.g., room service and concierge, they remain a little impersonal and imposing. Serviced apartments, on the other hand, give travelers freedom and independence that can add to their travel experience.

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Not only that, but in allowing a traveler to cook and shop for himself, a serviced apartment stay can help keep travel expenses under control which could mean an extended vacation, or perhaps travel to a destination once only dreamed about.

Using a serviced apartment as a base during a vacation means that a traveler is more likely to shop for provisions in the local stores and markets and experience such as this is one that can truly enhance a vacation.

Facilities such as high-speed Internet access, flat-screen TV (complete with DVD player and stereo system) are included as standard in many serviced apartments. Typically a serviced apartment provides more space than a hotel room of the same rating.

While there will always be a number of vacationers who want nothing more than 24-hour room service and a bed to sleep in, it seems that an increasing number of travelers do want something a little more. And while it may not be home, a serviced apartment can go some way to helping these people enjoy their vacation in exactly the way they want to.