Pilates is a great workout. The exercises strengthen your core and add flexibility to your joints which improves your posture and gives you an overall stronger, balanced body. However, sometimes it can be difficult to decide whether you should work out at home or at a Pilates Studio. There are pros and cons to both situations and depending on your needs, one setup may work better for you than another.

When Pilates first gained popularity as an exercise workout regimen, it was exclusive to New York Pilates Classes and other boutique fitness centres. The equipment involved in the workout took up a lot of space and workout videos and the like were not yet exist. However, in today’s world, you can have access to all kinds of different exercise equipment and training videos in the comfort of your own home.

Pilates at home or studio

In this article, we will discuss should you do Pilates at Home or in Studio in great detail.

Pilates At Home


  1. You can complete your exercise whenever you have time and don’t rely on the schedule of a Pilates Studio.
  2. It let you set your own pace and not feel pressured by others
  3. Equipment like a Magic Circle or Pilates Reformer can be purchased online and used at home.

Pilates at home


  1. You don’t get to work with an experienced Pilates instructor in person. A Pilates Instructor will make sure you are completing each exercise correctly and every part of your is in alignment to reduce the chance of injury,
  2. You don’t receive the support of your classmates when you workout at home.
  3. It can also be difficult to consistently workout at home because you may get distracted with things that need to be done around the house.

Pilates in Pilates Studio


  1. Working with a trained instructor ensures you receive that correct guidance throughout your workout.
  2. Pilates Studio also offer private Pilates sessions to provide a tailor made exercise exerience.
  3. Working out at a Pilates Studio also means you don’t have to buy and store equipment like Pilates Reformer.

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Pilates at studio


  1. It isn’t convenient as working out at home and requires being at Pilates Studio at a specific time every week.
  2. Some people don’t like working out with others which can make class less enjoyable,

If working out at a Pilates Studio seems like something that you would enjoy give it a try. The certified instructor will make sure every session is beneficial and that you are getting the results you desire. Some Pilates Studio also offers home training sessions through the same locations, giving you the best of both worlds.