Free yourself from the heaviness of the glasses and the obstructive views they present when you switch to contact lenses from eyeglasses. The lenses provide better peripheral vision, change your appearance and, more importantly, your way of seeing life.

Innovative designs are added to ordinary contact lenses to make them more comfortable, flexible and lightweight for the user. You can “buy lenses online via” (which is known as kjp linser p nettet via in Norwegian language).

Contact lenses for better vision and comfort

Experience better peripheral vision.

Free yourself from annoying obstructions/reflections.

Stop worrying about the weight of the glasses on your face or the glasses that escape your nose.

Perform better in the sport without distractions.

Spend less time trying to know what to wear if you can not match your wardrobe to your glasses.

Relieve your sight of fog when the weather changes.

CIBA Vision Contact Lenses

Having lenses over glasses has many benefits. For example, if you practice a sport requiring a helmet, it is common that the glasses do not fit on the helmet. In addition, if you play a very active sport, such as gymnastics or cheerleading, glasses can steal your head.

Finally, if you have patients with serious sinus and allergies problems, the pressure of the glasses on the face can become uncomfortable on an already sensitive part of the face. CIBA Vision contact lenses are one of the best options. These state-of-the-art lenses are the only ones to be marketed and available daily. They feature an eye-activated moisturizing agent that adds refreshing comfort all day long.