If you want sustained growth and profit for your organization then it’s very important that you maintain a healthy professional environment.  Pre-employment drug testing plays an important role in maintaining integrity, discipline, professionalism in the workplace. It ensures drug-free environment. It is the best way to restrict the drug-addicted employees from joining the organization. You can make use multi drug screen test cup for drug testing.

For maintaining the safe and secure environment in the workplace make sure that you conduct pre-employment drug testing. Given below are the reasons why drug testing is that important.  


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Pre-employment drug testing at workplace environment increases the safety at the job. It ensures a safe and secure environment. You get surety that only productive and efficient employees join the company. In order to check alcohol consumption some organization conduct an alcohol dip test.

Helps In Effective Hiring Decision Making

According to certain reports it has been found that the company suffers the loss of thousand dollars every year due to the hiring of drug-addicted employees. You can make an effective hiring decision with a drug test. It becomes easier for the organization to hire employees.

To Reduce Absenteeism

Most of the drug-addicted employees suffer from illnesses, injuries, depression etc. This has a great impact on productivity, punctuality, presence in the workplace. With pre-employment drug testing, you can easily find such employees. 

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Reduces Losses Due To Absenteeism, Theft, and Fraud

The person who is drug addicted gets easily indulged in workplace conflicts, absenteeism, theft, fraud etc. This is a great loss for the organization. You can click here to know more about drug testing.

To Increase Productivity

Positive traits like productivity, professionalism, discipline, and integrity are found in the drug-free and healthy work environment.  An organization with a healthier working environment will automatically lead to good quality work. This will further profitable for the organization.  Accident cases are also decreased by drug testing.